Iris: In college--I wanted to show the chimps weren't truly communicating-- and became-- fascinated--despite myself.  Sheriff Backus: Thass...fas'cinatin'. Iris: Uh-oh.  Sheriff--do you have anyone to drive you home?  Sheriff: Uhhhmmm....Sheriff:  Y'don't have t'do this--I'd find m'way home... Iris : Sheriff--either sign or turn my way--I can't tell what you're saying--but you're not driving. Period.

This's Sheriff Backus... Perry: You okay, Sheriff? You sound like you've had one too many--Sheriff: M'okay, Perry. Perry: You need a ride? Sheriff: Nyaaahhh.  I've got a beautiful chauffeur-- Iris: Sheriff, where do you--Iris: --Live?  Oh. Wonderful.  Out cold. Drunk.  Not for the first time, I'm sure.  Why do I always find the birds-- with one wing down?  He's kind of cute...but bad news.



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