Iris: Now what? He's out...I don't know this sarea-- even if I got his address out of his wallet---I wouldn't know where it was.  Heyyyy...I know.Iris: Dad's center has a big couch--I'm almost there--I think he's snoring--of course it's hard to tell---when you're deaf. Wait.  What's that? An earthbound UFO or something?

Iris: It's shifting like a kaleidoscope--sometimes level, sometimes not--Sheriff? Sheriff! Wake up! Sheriff:: Le'me lone... Iris: Terrific. My only witnessss...sleeping it off. Nobody'll ever believe this...without proof.Iris: Maybe Daddy's going to tell me he's investigating UFOs--yeah, right. Later... Mindmistress: I thought that car would never leave...Vicki?  Vicki: ?Yeah, boss?  Mindmistress: Dean's jury-rigged otherspace's 'leaking' into our reality.



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