Vicki: Okay...what's that?  Mindmistress: It's like my Infinity Jars, but much more unstable..a constantly branching fractal otherspace that's impinging on our reality. Trapping a neoelephant inside... Vikci: I had to ask...Mindmistress: I need to analyze it further...Mode: Heimdall.  Vicki: It kills me how your armor transforms on command... Mindmistress: At a cost. The kinetic-diversion field's temporarily disabled...its wiring and power diverted and rearranged...

Mindmistress: ---To this cross-continuum analyzer.  Hmmm.  Vicki: C'mon, give! Mindmistress: This otherspace has one end anchored in our reality---yet the pocket reality it creates--a constantly-changing labyrinth to...nowhere.

Vicki: It's better than yours?  Mindmistress: Hah! No. No.  Not...exactly.  It's building a rickety treehouse...uneven floorboards, sagging walls...that could collapse any minute...compared to a well-constructed house.

Mindmistress: I'm amazed that Dean got this far...he must've constructed it as the ultimate hiding place...and the Judge is using it as the ultimate jailcell.  Vicki: --If it collapses--? Mindmistress: Oh. Well...Mindmistress: It'll make a faultline in reality...warping--deforming spacetime itself--destroying--certainly this town-- Vicki: What??? Mindmistress: --Probably Southern Flordia--possibly half of North America... Vicki: Mindmistress: system.



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