Iris: Ahhh, great! Some offices are lit...Daddy may still be there...I could check on the chimps, too. Sheriff: Snnnrrffswrrll!! Iris: Wow. Can't hear his snoring--but it shook the car.Iris: Daddy?  The Mindmist sheriff--he passed out-- Judge: Shades?  Sheriff. Couch.  Shades: Yes, sir!! Judge: Glad you're here, Iris.  I was going to talk with you tomorrow-- but tonight will do nicely.

Judge: Remember how I told you I'd tell you what this was all about--when you finished testing?  Iris. Ahhh. Spill it!  Judge: Red this dossier--it sums up all the available evidence--Iris: Wait--artist's renderings of transhuman 'sperheroines'?  Golden--human-level intelligence--chimps?  Elephants talking back?  Holographic A.I.'s shaped like pink angels?  Daddy--have you flipped?  Judge: It's all true.  Iris: 'Mindmistress'.  That's insane.



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