Judge: I'm not insane, Iris. Iris: Daddy, this is ridiculous.  Judge: Ezekiel Lyons has met her...a highly respected CEO.  Iris: Howard Hughes was highly respected---and he was crazy as a bedbug.

Judge: Come with me, Iris. I'll show you--proof. Iris: Where--? I was about to check the chimps-- Judge: Later. I'll introduce you to two--individuals--who'll corroborate my story.

Judge: Iris--this is Dr. Sapphire Fine--a zoologist specializing in-- Iris: Glad to meet you-- Dr. Fine: --Pachyderms.  You study primates, right?  You'll appreciate the enormity of what we've discovered... Iris: Wait. Where's--?Iris: --My purse--? Judge: You must have left it on the table outside the labs.  It'll be safe there, Iris. Nothing'll disturb it.  Now--come with us.



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