Judge: This is a portal to..otherwhere. Daddy...it's a garage door. ...At the back wall of your insitute. Judge: It's more than that, Iris. Fine:  No use explaining. Let's how her.Iris: What?  An elephant?  In a corridor that looks like it goes on for miles?  Nice hi-def.  Terry: If my head wasn't already splitting--another tiny halfwit?  Judge: Crazy, huh?  Fine: See? Hear him--oh.

Terry: So--you brought her to hear the talking elephant--forgetting she can't lipread-- elephants.  Idiots!! Judge: Shut up. Iris: Wait. I can smell an...elephant?  Terry: Let. Me.  Go!!! Judge: No.Terry: You little things--free me!  Let me outarrrgghh!!! Iris:  Eyaaa!!  The--whole wall shook-- Judge: He's real, Iris.  He's talking to us--threatening us-- Fine: Rogue bull elephants are extremely--murderously--dangerous.



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