Iris: So--this portal was built by this--'Mindmistress'? Judge: No--someone she taught.  Iris: Okay--if this 'Mindmistress' really has 'transhuman intelligence'--why isn't she doing anything? What's her 'master plan'?Robot: Wake up.  The nightmare's over.  Remember who you are--while I free you from these--cages. Theo (Caption): For days---I had lost--myself.  My rationality sacrificed to urges and impulses.

Robot: You first, Theo.  Theo: Good to be back. Really back. To be..myself. Theo (Caption): I'm not ashamed of the beast-me...but I can much more.  Naked. Where's a lab coat...?Theo: Torch the piectures...wipe the computers' hard drives...'Judgement Day' was afraid to send anything online--fearing Vicki.  Not realizing he was using Mindmist Technical Support-- as lab animals.



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