Theo: The paper shredder comes in handy... Neochimp1: His computers're back on-line.  I deleted dozens of files--but now Vicki can finish the job.  Neochimp2: Photos as evidence? Up in smoke...Dr. Fine: I'm closing the portal--Terry's too agitated.  Iris: But...if you're convinced this elephant's talking--doesn't that make him a...person? Judge: Not in the eyes of the law.  Iris: Legality isn't...morality.

Iris: If animals can be made truly intelligent---then they are persons, in any ethical sense. Dr. Fine: Did you hear a gun being cocked...? Uh-oh.  Judge: Iris. Turn around.  Iris: It just wouldn't be right to exploit...Iris: Light-furred gun-toring chimps in lab coats??  Theo: Please surrender. We've no wish to harm you-- Itis: Theo??? Judge: Surrender? Never!!!  Theo: --we just want to go...home. Iris: No...chimps've ever signed anything so...complex.  Theo: Surprise.



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