Iris: Oh-kayyyyy... assuming I haven't flipped... what'd you...Mindmist... Theo: Neochimps.  Iris: ...Have to do with my brother's death?  Judge: Iris... Theo: Zilch.  He trespassed...was kileld by a bast..who almost killed me.Theo: We've families too--Ms. O'Day--Doctor--Iris.  I've a mother-- a father-- a son.  We threaten nobody.  Yet we're taken from our homes-- caged-- simply because we're not...human.

Judge: That's right. You're not human--so legally-- Theo: Our feelings, our blood, our lives--are can imprison us...experiment on us...torture us...with few consequences.  But--legally--Theo: Jail and torture another human due process-- Dean: That makes you a criminal.  Iris: Daddy! You didn't--  Judge: Go ahead.  ?You can't call the authorities--without revealing your--and Mindmistress'--existence.



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