Theo: Imagine our surprise-- while destroying evidence, deleting files about--us-- finding a bound, tortured youth.  Plus a cache of rifles.  Judge: All the evidence--? Iris: Torture, Daddy?  Torture?? Dean: Ipod. Now.Judge: This ipod--?  Dean: It's bad enough that yhou used that portal--are you crazy?? Do you know what might happen if it collapses?? Judge: Elephant jerky?  Your 'ipod''s an antigraivty device--

Judge: We actually used your antigravity 'ipod' to snatch our captive neoelephant--silent. Startling.  Efficient.  I consider you a traitor--hiding revolutionary technology from mankind. Mindmistress; pet. Even more than these chimps.Judge: So...I won't be surrendering anything. Now that Shades here has a gun aimed at your simian spokesman. Shades: Give me an excuse, Bonzo.  The rest of you--drop your rifles! Theo (Caption): Great.



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