Vicki: Sure, this makes sense.   A pocket spacetime that might collapse any minute--and we're visiting.  Mindmistress: No choice, Vicki. Terry, one of the neoelephants is here. The neoanimals're my responsibility.Vicki: It's shifting...changing...weirds me out.  Mindmistress: What worries me most is time.  Males form their own roving groups-- outside the main, female-dominated herd-- Terry was a loner...a rogue.

Mindmistress: The main neoelephant herd gathers near Mindmist every night-- changing back to normal-- the male groups, less frequently-- what about Terry? Is he near the two-week limit-- Vicki: Boss!!!Vicki: ?You've found Terry... Mindmistress: My psyche-staff!! Terry: I wanted to...'talk'...uninterrupted by your mind-control tricks.  Mindmistress: Don't stamp in morse code...if this spacetime collapes...Terry: Quiet.  I'm in charge now, little human.



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