Mindmistress: Terry... we don't have time for this...we have to get out... Terry: You little humans are so annoying...like you being ordered about by cocker spaniels.  My...splitting headache.Mindmistress: Terry--ungh!! Terry: You chatter constantly, like little small monkeys!  You aren't lords of creation--you're just animals--and all your chains--your bull hooks--your elephant guns--changes nothing!

Terry: Surely you've primed your psyche-staff to effect neoelephants and neochimps--you'e certainly had enough tim eto study us--now that I've tossed your staff away--how tough is your armor? Mindmistress: Unhh!!Terry: Not too tough, it seems.  Your field may protect you against fast-moving objects---but I doubt your armor'll protect you against six tons of slow, steady pressure...let's see...



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