Theo (Caption): Here, monkey--here's your new cage!!  Say hello to Terry for us---the rest of  you chimps, fall in ine--or you'll never see him again!  Judge--close it!!Theo (Caption): Worst part is--he's right.  This is a cage--an unearthly, otherdimensional labyrinth-- as far from my own comprehension--- as modern construction would be to a normal chimp.  Trapped again.

Theo (Caption): I'm---elsewhere.  Absolutely elsewhere.  NASA can send a man to the moon---put robot robers on Mars--but they could never find me---here.  Mindmistress' staff?   What--?  She' Interruptions! Interruptions!  Pesky primates-- I'll finish our patron later-- Theo (Caption): Finish? Our patron?  I'm no longer alone.  I wish I still was.  Robot: Pssst, Theo.  I'm here too.  Theo (Caption): Or maybe not...



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