Terry:  Ahhh...a fellow Mindmister! Theo, isn't it?  Mayor Gus' son... the psyche-staff won't work for you... it only responds to Mindmistress' brainwaves...and she's unconscious.  Theo :  Terry... Terry: Let me talk.Terry: We're still lab animals-- Mindmist is just a bigger cage!  We're an... experiment.  Enhanced-intelligent animals trying to form their own society... I'm sure Mindmistress was taking notes--measuring 'progress'.

Terry: Ohhh---my head!! Yes.  It's been about two weeks--I know I'm dying-- Mindmistress' 'gift' of intelligence then turns into deadly brain tumors--but I'll die--defying--crushing--my captors.Terry:  I was born a circus elephant.  Chained--prodded by bullhooks---tortured to perform.  I hate humans--and their primate 'cousins'.   We're dying--together!!!  Robot: Pssst.  Theo, turn the staff upside-down...



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