Judge: Get those chimps loaded into the truck. Shades: You heard the man!  Move!! Uh...what's he signing? Iris: He refuses.  Shades: They understand what a gun can do...right?  Iris: All too well, but...Iris: There are eleven of them..one of you.  Shoot one--and he says the rest will overwhelm you.  One chimpanzee's as strong as seven men---you'll be facing--ten more.

Iris: Sol says he'd rather die than be caged again. Shoot him if you must-- it'll be your last act.  Shades: But---that's not fair. I have the gun--the upper hand.Shades: At least one of you stinking apes will go down with me... Iris: No!! Don't!!  Please...  Sol: Do your worst. At least I'll die--aware of how rich--complex-- life can be.



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