Perry: Deja vu.  Iris: A...parrot? Shades: Oh, no!!! Not my glasses again!! It's that parrot---right?  I'll shoot--- Perry: A blind man trying to shoot a small, flying target?  Whatever will I do?Perry: In fact---I doubt if you can even hit one of the eleven angry chimpanzees intent on disarming That's gonna hurt... Shades: You wiseacre parrot---and these manhandling monkeys--

Iris: Daddy!! --Don't---leave--me. Chimp1: The Judge made good his escape. Judge: Get us out of here! Chimp2: What a coward!  Neochimp3: Seems like  you have a big choice to make, Doctor...Iris: What now? Will you kill me--to keep your secret--your loved ones--safe?  Neochimp4: No. No.  But make no mistake, Dr. Iris O'day--our survival--is in your hands.



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