Judge (texting): Sure your absence won't seem---suspicious?  Maddie :(texting): Please. I've been taking early morning strolls for two weeks now...just to give myself an alibi.  Judge: You have it with you?  Maddie: Of course.Judge: A serum?? So that's how you change--- Dr. Fine: We need to get this analyzed-- Judge: Without compromising our secrecy?  This is the most valuable elixar on earth--we'll become---inhumanly wise.

Judge: Aaaaahhh!!! Dr. Fine: Eeyaa** Maddie: Wise enough to not let  your greed--overcome your caution?  Wise enough not to drink deadly acid?  Wise enough not to trust the treacherous?  You'll never do it--again.Highway patrol dispatcher: Patrol car 11, please route towards state route 23, between Haydenville and Mindmist.  We've received reports of dense smoke rising off that route-- might be vehicle afire.



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