Dr. Archer (voicemail): Maddie, this is Dr. Archer---I've ruled Gus' death a suicide--I also need to run to Haydenville to check on the Judge's and Dr. Fine's bodies---check on Theo, please.Dr. Archer: He'll need injections to guard against infection...Maddie--I'm so sorry for your loss.  What you told me of Gus' depression---remembering what he endured during experimentation--I feel... responsible.

Mindmistress: You were counting on that guilt, weren't you--Maggie? To distract Dr. Archer and keep him from suspecting...murder.  And Theo?  Would he be injected with something--fatal?  Tsk.Mindmistress: You intially contacted the judge and told him of Mindmist--texted him Terry's location--older females are irresistible to young male chimps--you'd picked Gus'...succesor. Gus was...disposable.

Official: Maddie, for killing Gus, your lover, our leader--betraying Mindmist's secrets to humans outside--then kiling them--complcity in neoelephant Terry's death--you're sentenced--to the ultimate penalty.  Maddie: No...Official: Chimp societies are patriarchal--Gus was getting suspicioius, harder to manipulate--you feared his son's popularity might lead him to replace gus--you needed you rown puppet--alpha male.

Maddie: Please...kill me now! Kill me now!! Kill me cleanly... I beg for mercy...anything...anything...but the ultimate penalty.  Mindmistress: Sorry, Maddie,  The court's decision is final.



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