Theo: We appreciated your discretion, Iris. Another Judge: So it's your testimony, Dr. O'Day--?  Iris: --That these chimps are in excellent condition--truthfully, I've never seen better---and should be returned to Mindmist.Another Judge: Your expert opinion's appreciated--and--as your father's friend--my condolences on your loss--maybe it's a comfort--knowing his last acts made sure these animals weren't mistreated.  Iris: Uh...yes, sir.

Iris: So I went back to the Primate Insitute... Theo: But I understand Sheriff Backus has visited several times since then--?  Iris: Yes. Vinnie's been a...comfort...becoming our visiting security consultant.Iris: We're good for each other.  Not just physically.  I've supported him joining Alchoholics Anonymous...he signs, so he's comfortable with both the hearing and deaf communities...and

Theo: Ah. You're just using him for pleasure...and to learn more about us.  Iris: Guilty. How are your legs?  Theo: Fine. I've been off crutches for weeks.  Iris: And Paul? Theo: Rambunctious as ever.Iris: In other words, he's a normal kid...neochimp.  Theo, can I ask you something?  Theo: Shoot.  Iris: Before Maddie killed him, my father showed me files on a neohuman...code-named...Mindmistress.

Iris: I laughed at him...thought him crazy...never saw her...I think.  Although sometimes I have ...dreams? About a woman in silver...I've kept Mindmist's secrets.  Please...tell me...Theo: Iris...your father was obsessed...even ruthless...but he wasn't crazy.  I do trust you.  There is a Mindmistress.  But past that--? Some secrets aren't mine to tell.  Take care.



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