Dean: Hey, Theo! Just dropping you a line from Venezeula....beautiful country.  I always liked to travel.  Here I can relax, forget the Judge's 'tender mercies'...and work on my...ideas.  Tell MM hi for me when you see her. ---Dean Delouise.Legal document: Hector 'Shades' McGee, suffering from delusions about seeing intelligent, pale-haired monkeys, talking elephants and superhuman silver-armored women---despite being blind from birth--is remanded for psychiatric evaluation to the Florida State Mental--

Lyons: The Judge--dead.  The evidence he promised me--missing.  She's won again.  And her connection with this--- Mindmist---unexplained.   Mindmist.  Known industry-wide for their excellent IT and web expertise.  Hmmm.  What's that they say?  Theo: Dear Mr. Lyons:  We want to thank you for picking Mindmist Technical Support to help support your company's firewall and online access.  We are very familiar with the Lyons name, which is synonymous with quality.  We anticipate a long and rewarding partnership.



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