Mindmistress: Mindmistress: So that's the story about me...and Lorelei. Ash: So are you Lorelei--or not?  Mindmistress: I'm Lorelei--plus. Ash: So what are  we to you--neanderthals? Chimps? Dogs? Mindmistress: Slow learners? 'Special'?

Ash: Sarcastic? Ironic? Lorelei'd never-- Mindmistress: Lorelei couldn't---except for lame responses, ten minutes later. Ash, look out this window. Ash: Why?  Mindmistress: Here, everything's consistent. The only thing that changes is--me.Mindmistress: --But out here---the view might be a little---different.  Ash: Aaaahhh!!! Mindmistress: what do you see?  I can't see it the way  you can.  Ash: What? How? Mindmistress: Describe it for me.




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