Mindmistress:  Unh! This would be a lot easier with my armor on--and a lot less embarassing if I had anything on.  Ash: S-Sophia...? Mindmistress: Shhhh.  Almost got you to safety.Mindmistress: 'Scuze me while I get a lab coat on--I thought I'd be alone, and once-living materials react--oddly---to those forces.  Ash: Yeah. Sorry.  My suit felt weird too---my---eyes---

Ash: I'm seeing double. Triple! I see you as you are---then as you were in that chamber... Mindmistress: Starkers? Ash: Well...yeah. Then dressed like this afternoon---then a bright flash--and you're---Lorelei?Ash: Then I look in another direction--- Mindmistress: Ash--about Lorelei and--myself--it's--complex.  Ash: --And you've donned some sort of shiny armor---then working on--dark glasses? I've gone insane.




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