Ash: Okay, okay. Okay.  Which door is it?  Which door leads back to my car? I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs. Ash (Caption): I have no sense of direction.  Zilch.Ash: This door is slightly someone recently used it...I must've accidentally left it ajar... Ash (Caption: Yes, I often act on impulse...jump to conclusions.  It drives friends crazy.

Ash: Oops. So sorry, Sophia.  Ash (caption): It took me a second to recognize her...sans clothes and with the goggles. Gorgeous in the glare, turning.  Mindmistress: Ash?? Get out!! This is dangerous!!! Mindmistress: Ash, for the love of---get out!!!! Before it's too--late--oh, no...ash??? Ash (caption): Then my world went black. Then my life changed--forever.  My eyes opening-- on impossibilities.




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