Ash: Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! I left my cellphone in there! And I ahve to call Joey back about that Letterman gig! Mindmistress (caption): --But if we can interact---with the future--Ash: Um...the door'  Hello? Open sesame?  Mindmistress (caption): Does that mean the future's...immutable? That the future's...set in stone.  Or is it flexible enough for---free will?

Door: Please enter, Ashley Drake.  Ash: Whoa. Slick.   Now what room was it--? I have such a lousy sense of direction--and this place is a labyrinth.  Mindmistress (caption): Are our steps predetermined?Mindmistress (caption): Or do we truly choose?  Ash: Ahhh...there it is...I'd hate to have to look up all my friends' numbers again...or have to redownload my favorite ringtones...




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