Mindmistress: Now to get comfortable-- Vicki: Start the sleazy striptease music... Mindmistress: It's my fault I prefer part-cotton or part-slik clothes to total synthetics? ---That once-living materials react...oddly--? Vicki: Exhibitionist. Vicki: ?Nice legs.  Explain once again--? Mindmistress: Nobody understands quantum physics.  Tiny entities change from waves to particles---consistently but illogically.  One interpretation: the Copenhagen interpretation--observation influences the infinitesimal---somehow.

Mindmistress: But what observer? Can a mouse cause a moon to exist?  Another interpretaton: many-worlds. Every time a photon could become a     wave or a particle, it becomes both.Mindmistress: ...Billions of universes born every second--- though I've discovered other realities, near-infinite realities contradict Occam's Razor--then there's--the transactional interpretation--the future state of the particle 'shakes hands' with the present.




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