Mindmistress: We can count on your endoresement when we go public?  Ash: Definitely.  If further tests are needed... Mindmistress: That's very kind.  I've programmed the door to admit you, anytime.  Ash: Programmed-- the --- door--?Vicki: So how'd it go?  Mindmistress: Pretty good, I think.  Someone will introduce technology like this in the next few decades--- better we introduce it then the porn industry---or Fox-TV.

Mindmistress: But as aesthetically pleasing as this artform is--it's kid stuff--compared to the other experiment.  Vicki: It's aobut time... Mindmistress: Exactly.  Let me put on my protective goggles--Mindmistress: As try to solve several of the central conundrums of existence---the riddle of quantum theory--the nature of time--free will--and predestination. Vicki: Oh. That's...all?




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