Ash :  Head that way---they first went to that casino--I need to 'see' where they went next.  Cyclist: Man, what are you? Pychic? CSI?   CIA?  Ash: None of those.   Just a...Visionary.Ash: That's where Wayne Newton's performing right? Let me look around a second...ah!  Cyclist: You're really seeing something, aren't you? ...Despite the blindfold... Ash: Well, let's put it this way...

Ash:...You had orange juice and a croissant with cream cheese this morning---two meatball Hot Pockets for lunch...spaghetti and iced tea for supper.  Cyclist: What?? How'd you-- Ash: Visionary, remember?Ash: Oh, and  you work with tax returns during the day.  Accountant for the IRS?  Cyclist: So you are psychic?  Ash: Your brother works for a motorcycle shop... not... psychic.




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