Cyclist: The Sphynx Hotel-Casino? Ash: That's where the images led me.  Cyclist: Images...? Led...? Spooky.  Best of luck, 'Visionary'.  Ash: Thanks again.  Ash (Caption): The chauffeur rerouted them here---home of DePaul's greatest rival.Ash (Caption): I thought it'd be hard to get in--- until I 'saw' several guards punch in the access code.  I can get in anywhere...that only needs an access code.

Ash (Caption): Eh...typical Las Vegas garish, even in this closed-to-the-public section... I'll let this guard pass by...before I follow the images to Lorelei...a painful...path.Ash (Caption): The Sphynx hotel-casion was owned by Lee Arness...I've never 'seen' him... few people do these days. Semi-recluse.  Was he the kidnapper? The images were...confusing. Glimpses without context.




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