Ash (Caption): I track the images---I can see the ladies were put in a separate room---I can even see what they're doing right now---but what they're saying--Ash (Caption): --I can't really tell. Reading lips isn't that easy.  Lorelei: I put th' necklace in my purse. No use temptin' 'em. Joanne Depaul: They've left us alone.  Their main interest must be Edward...

Lorelei: Jus' shows, no matter who my Dad is, I'm not meant t'be inna slinky dress---jus' jeans'n't-shirt.  Joanne DePaul: You look beautiful, Lorelei.  I'm terrified for Edward--Joanne: The owner of the Sphynx Casino is Lee Arness--- our famiy has some-- history---with Lee.  Lorelei: What kinda history? Joanne; : It's complicated---and Lee might do anything to anything to keep those secrets.




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