Gunman1: Excuse me, sir---you're in a restricted area of the hotel.  Gunman2: We'll have to ask you to leave. Ash/Visionary: Oh, sorry...this section is reserved for kidnap victims? Gunman2: Take him.Gunman2: Aow!! Right on my sore's like he knew... Ash (Caption): I did, of course. I could see him bandaging the elbow this morning. No secret to me.

Ash (Caption): Nor is the other guy's attack-- Gunman1: Aaahh!! My hurt shin! How--?  Ash (Caption):  I see him being bandaged after tennis.   Also saw this coming had time to plan my moves.Ash/Visionary (Caption): Unfortunately, I also saw him.  Tall as an oak.  hard as a rock.  No weak points.  Gunman3: Little man-- you're going down!  Ash/Visionary (Caption): Maybe.  But not as quickly as you'd think.




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