Giant: Huh? Where'd he--? Ash/Visionary: Over here,big man. What, I should just let you hit me?  You dodged---before I swun! Ash (Caption): Correct.  I can walways see the blow coming. Always.Giant: Hold still, coward!! Ash/Visionary: Sorry...not feeling suicidal today.  Ash (Caption): I had a chance.   If I could war him down, eventually he'd be huffing and puffing, and then I'd strike hard--

Ash (Caption): Except I saw these two guys recover, tackle me--ending my maneuvering. Don't let the kung fu movies and the comic books fool  you.  Three to one is almost insurmountable.Ash/Visionary (Caption): Sometimes the ability to see the future--is just seeing the beating you're about to get.  Don't worry.  It wasn't as painful as it looks.  It couldn't be.




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