Ash/Visionary: *Ungh*  Lorelei: Hey.  A guy roughly the size of Godzilla dumped you here.  Ash/Visionary: Yeah. I know.  It was the only way to join matter how painful it was.Ash/Visionary: Here...I think you need something back. Lorelei: Th-thanks. Ash/Visionary: But hide it and hold off using it, okay? We're not sure what they're after--- or if they're watching us.

Lorelei: Y'know, if anybody had'ta find out about...y'know...I'm glad it's you. Ash/Visionary: Thanks.  Lorelei: 'Member how you killed that spider 'n th'shower? Ash: Sure. Screaming starkers semi-sister....Lorelei: Sorry...I saw th'spider'n' panicked... Ash/Visionary : Don't be sorry.  We were both sixteen.  It was like seeing your sister accidentally in the shower.  Shhhh. The door's opening...




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