Joanne Depaul: Lee? Lee Arness??  Poor Lee... Ash/Visionary: The owner of this hotel-casino? JKoanne: Right. Ash: I'd never seen him before...Joanne: He keeps to himself...a bit of a recluse... Ash/Visionary: Which might explain...Edward DePaul--the 'Lucky Man'!  Also, the new owner of the Sphynx Hotel-Casion...although I'm puzzled about you in the blindfold---special bodyguard for Ash and Lorelei, perhaps?

Lorelei: Eddie!! Ash/Visionary: Easy, Lorelei.  He's behind it all.  Lucky Man: You're disguising your voice well.  Good James Earl Jones impression.  Yes, I planned this all. I had several objectives in mind... Lorelei: Man: Because an old friend ofyours mentioned  you... Lorelei: Anansi??  Ash/Visionary : Right. Anansi Webb--thief, hacker, blackmailer--and current resident of an insane asylum--convinced she's nothing more than a spider.




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