Lucky Man:  Years ago, when I was sixteen, I wasn't so...lucky.  Joanne Depaul: Oh,'re so bruised...Larry, how could you?  Mr. Depaul: I just want to show me some respect!  Joanne: Eddie...Lucky Man (caption): So she told me.  Lucky: Mr. Arness?  Guard: Step away, kid. Lee Arenss: Do I know you, son? Lucky: You knew my mother---in the Biblical sense...nine months before I was born.  Arness: Oh?

Arness: A bit of 'fatherly''re an accident.  Your Mom was on the pill...I used protection...that broke. You weren't meant to be. You're a fluke.  An anomaly.Arness: You're not... meant to be.  You're exist.   You've no demand.   Men, show the 'Lucky Man'... not to expect gratitude...from an uncaring...source.  Lucky: Unghh!! Eyyahh!!




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