Lucky Man: Ow. Ow. Ow.  Uh....angel of mercy?  Anansi: Not hardly.  Just curious who p.o.'ed Lew Arness' usually bland, emotionless self so much.  I'm Anansi Webb.  You?   Lucky:  Eddie DePaul.   Human...accident.Lucky Man (caption): That the garish light of a Vegas hotel room...for the first time, the 'Lucky Man' got...lucky. I could barely move.  Anansi made up for it.

Lucky Man: We wrote after that.  Two years later her letters stopped.  I found her--weaving spiderwebs out of her hair--- naked, in an insane asylum-- convinced she's a spider.  Anasi: Meep.Lucky Man: Anansi--what happened to  you?  Anasi: Meep...meep. Lucky: Anansi--where are you? Lorelei Lyuoons--Ezekiel's daughter---world's most brillant retard--Dr. Church--the synchronistar--waves of synchroistyl--good. Luck.




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