Lucky Man: I found Dr. Church---not in a laboratory---but a casino.  Babe: You're a doctor? Dr. church: guilty. Lucky (Caption): Whatever experiment he was doing---was paying off.Lucky Man (caption): I managed to sneak into his room...hiding in a closet--looking for his secret.  He took off his shirt and revealed a mandala tattoo--that...changed...colors...repeatedly.

Lucky Man (Caption): He reached around...ripped it off...pronounced his death sentence.  Dr. Church: Ow.  My 'lucky streak' works...but I'm...uncomfotable..having something on all the time...whose principles I don't understand.Lucky Man (Caption): So I smothered him with a pillow.  Of course I did. For a 'good luck charm' that works? That really works?  I found notes---diagarms-- it was called a... synchronistar.




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