With the Synchronistar on my back, I qualified for a certain TV show---and won a million dollars...on a guess. Regis: One question to a million dollars.  Nervous?  Lucky Man: Not really.With the synchronistar on my back, I won the Powerball--designed a casino---but always wondered-- the Synchronistar was designed.  Like a printed circuit of... luck. Who--designed it?

Lucky Man (Caption): My abusive foster-father died; bleieve me, that was luck.  Yet I felt...uneasy.  Anansi couldn't develop this. Dr. Church's notes guarenteed he didn't develop it either.  Who did??Lorelei: Wait... you killed someone...put on somethin' you don' unnerstan'---not knowin' how it works--what it'd d'ta you-- Lucky Man: Uh....putting it like that... Lorelei: Wow. They call me dumb.




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