Lucky Man: You're in a poor position to hurl insults. One word from me... Lorelei: Y'don't know what  you're doing!! Th'maker of the'Synnistar--synchostar--the star--refused t'make it!!Lorelei: I mean--it was just an idea--too dangerous t'make!  You might have a point--the Synchronistar turned dark weeks ago-- has it burned out or---?  Lorelei: Nope. Worse.

Visionary/Ash: What's wrong Lorelei? What does the Synchronistar do?  Lorelei: I can't 'member!!! I can barely 'member the Sinkstar at all! I just 'member she thought it dangerous...wouldn't wear one.Edward DePaul/Lucky Man:  Okay, you know a 'she' who created the Synchronistar..who knows its know something, Lorelei---not enough. Who is...'she'? Lorelei: Uhhhh... Visionary/Ash: It's...complicated. Lucky Man




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