Lorelei: ---But--the gun!  Ash/Visionary:  Lorelei, trust me!  Lucky Man: Lorelei, don't! Ferris will shoot you in an eyeblink!  Don't let this lunatic tell you otherwise!  Ash/Visionary: Lorelei---he won't harm you.  I've seen it.Ferris:  Do tell.  This lady's brains will be splattered all over the place.  Fortunately she doesn't seem to have many--  Lorelei: Eep.  Ash/Visionary (caption): Poor Lrelei. Her mind heard, but her body---froze.

Visionary (Caption): Only one thing to do--froce the issue.  Visionary: ?Here. You two deserve each other! Lucky Man: No! Don't!  Lorelei: Yipe!  Ferris: Boss!  No! Look out-- Visionary (Caption) Ferris, startled, fired---and missed.Lorelei: Uh...he won't shoot?  Visionary: Lorelei, he's three feet away!  Yet he keeps missing us? What does that tell you?  Lorelei: Ummm...he's a lousy shot?  Ash: Lorelei, he's a professional gunman!




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