Visionary: Okay, I'll prove it to you... Lorelei: H-hey?? Wh-whatcha doing?  Visionary: Getting directly into the line of fire.  Proving this is all a sham.  Lorelei: Don't get kilt. Please. Visionary: No chance.Ferris: You 've got guts, man---but you're confusing 'unable to' with 'playing with'.  Visionary: I know what I know. I see the truth about you.  Ferris: You see a lot...while blindfolded.

Visionary : I see that I'm just a few inches from your could be blindfolded and still shoot me... Ferris: Are you nuts? Or just got a huge death wish?Visionary: You decide. Y'know, for a professional gunman--you fold under pressure.  See? Now there's no way you can miss--all you have to do is--- pull the trigger.




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