Vicki: I've got your results, from FBI databanks... Ash/Visionary: Good deal, Vicki! Ferris: Huh?? What---I'll shoot-- Ferris: Her you can shoot.  You might as well try to wound---a dream.  Vicki: --To continue...Vicki: A federal investigation went through Edward DePaul's finances---but it may be...moot.  For months your chief financial officer funnelled half your funds overseas.  He's left-- for Argentina.  Lucky Man: Joseph--? No!!!

Ferris: I'm not sure what Tinkerbell up there is...I wouldn't take her bare word for anything... Lucky Man: Ferris has a point... Vicki: The federal investigation uncovered your financial...criminal...violations...Vicki: So the feds planted their own agent their own agent in your organization, who has since witnessed kidnappings, conspiracy to muder... Lucky Man: Ferris? Visionary: Hence I knew he wouldn't kill us--- Ferris: But how'd you know...?




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