Lucky Man: You've been spying on me?? Selling me out, bit by bit, to the Feds??  Ferris: Um. ...Don't grab the lapels of the guy with the matter how mad!Ferris: Now you back off before I add threatening a federallll... Mindmistress: Mr. Depaul. It seems that the point of all this---besides getting revenge on your real

Mindmistress: I'm the one you're looking for---the developer of the Synchronistar....the one who drove Anansi mad...and accidentally gave the Visionary there, his---unusual--sight.  ---Call me--Mindmistress.Lucky Man: Interesting.  I didn't know there was such a thing as fetish. Mindmistress: --And you're the 'Lucky Man' who put on the Synchronistar.  You're brave.  Foolhardy.  Visionary: It's...dangerous?  Mindmistress: Extremely so.




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