'Mindmstress: 'Synchronicity' was coined by psychologist Carl Jung---meaning coincidences. Acausal, inexplicable, yet meaningful.  Example: Filming 'The Wizard of Oz' they discovered 'Professor Marvel' 's coat was originally owned by L. Frank Baum---Oz' creator.Mindmistress: Was synchronicity faulty abductive reasoning---or real?  I discovered 'probability waves' that could be---condensed. --Amplified.  I created 'circuits' shaped like mandals-- another Jung obsession.  Colored: lucky.  Gray-- unlucky.

Mindmistress: I was hoping to make real 'hexes' and 'charms'---slap synchronistars on dictators' palaces and watch lightning strike them--while protecting oneself with good probability strings.  Lucky Man: Then why--?Mindmistress: ?I never built them--because I never succeeded in making synchronistars solely concentrate--good--or bad-- probability strings. You might have years of phenomenal luck---then-- Lucky Man: Phenomenally...disastrious...luck.




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