'Vicki: Hate to interrupt--- but one of DePaul's former girlfriends just filed a paternity suit... Lucky Man: This is just the beginning, isn't it? Pretty soon Job'd pity me... Mindmstress: Let's get it off.'Mindmistress: The design's inactive---it's peeling off--but you're not safe yet.  --You summoned a probability hurricane--you're still in a vortex of bad luck...maybe for years.  Lucky Man: Years?  Figures.  Wonderful.

Lucky Man: You have to help me. You obviously want your existence kept secret--I'll tell--- Mindmistress: Go ahead.  See how many people believe a story about a chrome-plated supergenius....like Anansi.Mindmistress: By the way...when did the Synchonistar turn grey?  Lucky Man: September Fourteenth. Mindmistress: The same day you became the visionary...in a very unlikely accident.  Coincidence?  Lucky Man: 'Bye. Visionary: Let him go, MM.  Trust me.




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