Gebea: It was just after I had recreated some extinct species on my lifeloom...I felt so lucky to have found Nurtanus, who others called the Lord Spatial.  We had both started out as the opposite sex, did you know? He started life as a female, I as a male...we each downloaded our consciousness into a clone of the opposite sex...and felt 'right' for the first time..Gebea: Then when we found each other, we understood each other, on a deep level, because we had both been---the opposite sex. I thought us so lucky to have found each other...of course, I had my ecology work...while Nurtanus, by direct vote in the Worldforum, was the architect of the Skysphere...and the deconstructor of the other planets. But one day, he was pale with horrr...and self-loathing.

Gebea: What is it? What's wrong? Nurtanus: I've committed...genocide. You know the nanomachines I'm using? How they build more out of the materials in the giant planets, and will eventually for the Skysphere? Well, hidden in the gases of the largest planet, they found an...object.Nurtatus: A shelter for an ancient race, meditating in pace...we had no idea they were there. The nanomachines destroyed half the shelter...half their population...before I knew about it.

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