Zeammon: Well, someone has to stop him from wrecking the Skysphere---and then Athea. Mindmistress: Daddy---no!! If I or anyone else can't understand his methods, we can't predict--- Zeammon: I think we can predict what will happen if he isn't stopped...Zeammon: I have the accumulated energy of the entire skysphere---the sun's full output---for decades.  Mindmistress: But he was born and formed in a supernova---an explosion that can outshine an entire galaxy!  Too late---he's gone.

Hatrid: Ah! At least---a challenge. Zeammon: No. A plea for peace. Mindmistress: He's forming on the outer shell of the Skysphere---he must have been planning this for hours---and sent only a small fraction of his essence to the Council.Hatrid: When my creators were slaughtered? You must be joking... Zeammon: Slaughtering us---for a mistake---won't bring them back. Let's build a monument to their memory... Hatrid: Good idea. I'll make that monument from the ashes of your world... Mindmistress: Daddy---No! Don't try to reason with accumulated rage....

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