Look into my eyes...I'm looking for this woman. She might go by Lorelei....or Mindmistress...or Sophia...of course, for all I know, she wears another shape here...and in a sense she's all around us.Vicki: Sometimes she wears this armor... Spokeswoman for the Triad: The armor of the Peacekeepers of Athea. I know it well. As I know the one who made it---the lady Sophia, Zeammon's daughter, high advisor of the Command Council--

Triad:...Sometimes called the Mistress of Minds. Vicki: That's her! Can you lead me to her? Triad: Not so fast. I don't know you, and she has many enemies. Right now, she faces her greatest challenge...Trid: Hatrid...who holds the Skysphere, and the Athean solar system, in his immense grasp. Vicki: Hoo boy. She always did dream big.

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