Spokeswoman for the Triad: This is Athea. Where I was born, before I accepted genetic molding, to become one of the Timeless.  Vicki: What's it like? Triad: Ten thousand years of history. A skyhook, reaching from the surface to the world wing, where the Command Council sits---all now menaced by the huge Hatrid.Triad: The world where your interest, Sophia, has risen to Wisest of the Wise...gained the love of Therthes, Ambassaor Extraordinary of the Council--- Vicki: Lover? Triad: --And together conceived the child, Nephlas. Vicki: Child?? You've got to be kidding...

Vicki: And yet---to have 'neohumans' around always---to be surrounded by near-equals---why not a lover---a child? Why not---have it all? Triad: You talk of her as if her life here was no more than a...daydream...as if we didn't exist. It seems a...curious delusion.Vicki: Delusion? Maybe. Or maybe you're my Boss' sense of fate, of inevitability...a moving metaphor.  Triad: The 'Boss'? Sophia? So you are claiming she created you? Maybe she instilled in you this delusion that Athea isn't real...
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