Mindmistress: No, darling, I didn't send these animals--- Nephlas: Then who---? Mindmistress: Maybe your father did, before his disappearance, but I have another idea. At any rate, even though you collect unaltered, gene-pure animals....Mindmistress: --But some of them, like the ram, could be dangerous---and the Ibis isn't domesticated---and we have enough cats--- Nephlas: So I can't keep them--- Mindmistress: Well, darling, at the very least they need to go to a vet---I know they'll need shots, a delousing---

Mindmistress: ---And they need to be spayed and neutered---or sent to a habitat, to breed with their own kind---Mindmistress: Or they should drop the mirage--- Horollo: It was fascinating--- Mindmistress: --Cast by Horrollo, a being of light---and appear as the cowardly Command Council, hiding from the end of the world. Nephas: Mommy! Daddy? Granddaddy?? Mindmistress: Yes, even a copy of---Zeammon.

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