Mindmistress: I have never been so disappointed in you, Daddy. Zeammon:  Why? I split off a portion of my energies, and made a copy of my consciousness...just in case. Mindmistress: It's cowardly. Zeammon: Daughter, when faced with overwhelming force---the intelligent thing to do is avoid it.Mindmistress: Wrong. Intelligence figures out how to do something--not avoid it. And you, Therthes---how could you leave your daughter---and me---to face this alone? And why hide? Why not flee to another world?  Therthes: Sophia...love... Nephlas: Mommy...

Therthes: Sophia, there is no escape.  I opened a portal...and closed it, just in time. It opened to the heart of a star. Somehow Hatrid is 'bending' all paths opened by cross-continuum devices---to a star's fiery core. We might hide all the earth's population---make Hatrid think we've already fled---under the images of animals---but there is no escape...  Mindmistress: Therthes... Nephlas: Mommy. Daddy.Nephlas: The giant....is splitting open...the sky.
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